Building Better Benefits

Here at Lewer Benefits Group, we eat, sleep, and breathe Building Better Benefits™. But what do we mean by #BuildingBetterBenefits?

Reduce Healthcare Costs for you and your employees. The rising cost of healthcare is a public concern. What are you doing about it in your organization? Most employers are passing these increases on to employees in the form of higher premiums, deductibles, and copays, further diminishing access to healthcare.

Did you know the average PPO discounted rate from insurance companies is often more than 200% of what Medicare reimburses? Explore alternative solutions that can help you reduce healthcare costs for your company, your employees, and their families.

Lewer Benefits Group can help!

Set Up a Direct Primary Care (DPC) Service to benefit you and your employees. Wouldn’t it be nice if each of your employees had 24/7 access to their own doctor that they could visit locally without a long wait? A doctor that you can text any time and receive a quick response from them personally? This is no longer a fantasy with Direct Primary Care!

Physicians in normal fee-for-service payment arrangements often spend more than half their time updating medical records and filing insurance claims, leaving precious little face-to-face time with patients. DPC physicians structure their practices to help you and your employees live healthier lives instead of simply medicating symptoms.

Lewer Benefits Group can help!

Leverage Advanced Benchmarking and Forecasting services for your self-funded plan. Would you like to know how your plan is performing compared to other companies with similar demographics? LBG provides benchmarking and forecasting technology used by over 90% of the top 100 brokers in the country. With claims data, we can illustrate how your plan compares with other companies of your size and within your industry. With our plan modeler we let you “test drive” potential plan changes to see the impact of a change before making any decisions.

Lewer Benefits Group can help!

We’re looking forward to Building Better Benefits™ for you and your employees!

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