What We Do

Employee Benefit Plan Design

Lewer Benefits Group specializes in helping employers with unique work force demographics offer compliant programs based on three key components: cost effectiveness, employee value, and sustainability. With extensive experience across multiple industries, we have tailored our approach to ensure solutions meet your needs and business objectives. Whether you are a looking to retain key employees, avoid costly IRS penalties, or simply improve your existing plans we tailor solutions to your specifications.

Specialty Plan Design

With the many changes to health care in recent years a number of specialty plans have been developed that may enable employers to reduce their benefit spend and/or improve the benefit package at little or no cost.

Consulting Services

The ever-changing health care reform landscape can be complex and can leave many employers wondering if their strategy is compliant. We cut through the noise to provide you with direct information and how your business could be impacted. Our customizable calculator uses your company specific data to easily show the cost of your current plan along with the potential impact of IRS penalties and taxes to ensure the current plan is the best option for your business.

Concierge Service

Our consultative approach to plan design and service mean that you’re not just getting a broker, you’re getting an advocate who understands your company needs and the health care industry. We take pride in our customer service and provide you with a direct contact and not just an 800 number.